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  • ShockSpots Whitelabel

    Fully coded, and without license encryption. Upload it and sell it as your very own product.

  • Awesome Sales Page

    $4000 worth of premium sales page ready to sell your new software product.

  • Download Area

    The perfect download area for your customers to access their product…

  • Training Video

    We have you covered. Although this is all very easy we wanted to make sure you knew what to do.

Whitelabel License to Shockspots plugin

Fully coded and ready to sell as your own:

Selling software is hugely profitable - you know that right.

Add your name to the ready to go plugin and you have a ready made 'In Demand' product which you can continue to sell for 100% profit...


premium sales page

$4000 worth of premium sales page ready to sell your new software product.

That sales page, the one that you landed on and liked enough to purchase ShockSpots, well you get your own version of that very page.

We really did spend a great deal of time perfecting that page to showcase our product in a professional manner.

The layout, colour pallets, the graphics and sales copy…

I'm sure you’ll agree that our sales page is high quality. And if you had to outsource the whole thing… to get something like that, well you’d be looking at spending in excess of $4,000

But you get the whole thing as part of this WhiteLabel offer

It’s simple (and we actually show you how simple in a video)… Upload - add your Name and payment link and BOOM – You’re in Business!


premium Download Area

Constant quality is what we do. We pride ourselves on getting each and every detail as close to perfect as we possibly can… and that even includes out download pages.

Just like our sales page – you get your own version of this premium download page template.

And just like the sales page this one is fully featured and ready to go. Layout, Graphics, Videos… in fact we've even linked the button for you.

All you have to do is upload to your server… nothing to change or link (unless you really want to).


We have you covered.

A Complete premium business in a box...

Please consider this offer very carefully because it'll only be available to a limited number...


Whitelabel Plugin

Sell it as it is as your own product... Research and development costs:


Premium Sales Page

Layout - Sales Copy - Colour Pallets - Graphics - You get the lot.


Download Area

Fully featured and ready to go - we even linked the download for you.



Download the whole pack and then simply watch the video – you probably won’t need it… but it’s there if you do.


Total Value:


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Terms: By agreeing to purchase our WhiteLabel pack for ShockSpots you agree to abide by the following terms.

1. You may NOT begin selling ShockSpots to anyone before the following date: Monday 20th July 2015 (week after our product launch commences).
2. Shockspots may not be sold for less than $14
3. You are licensed to use graphic and logos but copyright is retained by Mark Bishop (IKKONIK ltd)
4. Additional products developed without Mark Bishop are not permitted to use the ShockSpot brand, logo, graphics, Copy, layout, proof, reference to Mark Bishop or anything else related to ShockSpots without the written permission of Mark Bishop.
5. You may NOT resell Whitelabel or any type of resale rights to ShockSpots or any of the included material